TrueType & Type 1 Fonts

■ Technology: True Type & Type 1
■ Families: 8 ■ Fonts: 22
■ Operating systems: Windows Vista/XP/9x, MacOS Χ/9

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A package of Greek fonts in True Type and Type 1 format (255 character mapping - NOT Unicode), compatible with MS-Windows and Apple Macintosh.

Greek / Latin fonts TrueType και Type 1 format.
Over 300 fonts or 90 font groups.
Fonts for texts, titles, drop caps, logos etc.
Extra tools and applications for font management, conversion between different Greek codepages, keyboard drivers, etc.

We are offering a CD-ROM with MAGENTA's full font library; that is to say all the fonts which were heretofore sold separetely.

The CD-ROM is hybrid, that is it works equally well for MS-Windows as well as Apple Macintosh.

These fonts are compatible with all MS-Windows and Apple Mac applications, apart from those which only function with Unicode fonts. Such applications, for example, include the MS-Office 97/2000 its later editions. Please refer to your application requirements to see if it is compatible to non-latin non-Unicode fonts.

For Apple Macintosh there are Greek / Latin, Greek polytonic, cyrillic, logo and symbol fonts.\

For MS-Windows systems there are the same fonts and a set of excellent tools for their management, the conversion between different codepages etc.

Apple Macintosh FONTS

  • True Type Fonts
  • Type 1 Fonts (postscript).

Windows FONTS

  • True Type Fonts.
  • Type 1 Fonts (postscript).
  • True Type Polytonic Fonts (NOT Unicode).
  • Cyrillic Fonts.
  • Western European Fonts.
  • Logo and Symbols Fonts.
  • Fonts for AutoCAD in .SHX format.
  • Fonts for 3D Studio - Type 1 format.
  • Fonts for Animator Pro - Type 1 format.
  • Fonts for TOPAS - Type 1 format.
  • Fonts with codepage DOS 437 for Windows. Polish Fonts.


  • EuroKeys version 3.
  • Accentuator for MS-Windows 95 and MS-Office 95 or earlier.
  • Font Manager for MS-Windows 3.1/95/98/Me.
  • Greek Texts converter (Apple-Windows-DOS etc).
  • Windows tools.
All fonts in this package are designed by MAGENTA

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