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  ■ Entries: 300,000 ■ Words: 1,200,000 ■ Software: Dictionaries Explorer
■ Lexicographer: Thanassis Syros
■ Windows: 7 (32 & 63 bit) / Vista / XP
You can download and test demo version of French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary
You can order online and enjoy French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary  

This is a sample screenshot of French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary
(samples provided in Greek but software also supports English interface)

The French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary helps you translate words, phrases, and idioms from and into French. Along with the French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary, the Great Thesaurus of the Greek language with more than 90,000 synonyms is included.


The dictionary uses Dictionaries Explorer, the new interface by Magenta which sets new standards in its league that allows you to search words, create word groups, print individual entries or groups of entries, etc.. Its features as described here also apply to this dictionary.

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