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■ Entries: 370,000 ■ Words: 1,400,000
■ Lexicographer: Thanassis Syros
■ Windows: 7 (32bit) / Vista / XP
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Automatically translate words or phrases from inside any Windows application (word processors, internet browsers, etc.) just by selecting the word and pressing the shortcut key specified by you.

The most popular English-Greek & Greek-English dictionary in the market.

In addition to the English-Greek & Greek-English dictionary, the Great Thesaurus of the Greek language with more than 90,000 synonyms is included.

MAGENTA's English-Greek & Greek-English dictionary is a valuable tool for secretaries, interpreters, students and teachers, journalists and any other who cares to enrich their documents with something more than usual.


Using the dictionary is as simple as abc. If you need to translate any word, just write it down and the application will automatically recognize it as Greek or English giving as result the translations in the target language.

On the left of the window the words matching the given one are displayed and on the right, the translations are found.

By using the alphabetical index you can browse the dictionary database to display, in alphabetical order, all those words starting with a specific character pattern.

Screenshot from English-Greek & Greek-English Dictionary Basic Edition


In addition  to the words already included in the dictionary's database, you can add your own words following a simple procedure.

By pressing the appropriate keystroke, the application asks for the key-word and the corresponding translations.


The application can communicate with any other Windows applications, such as word processors, by taking words and giving back the translations.

From inside of any application's document you can select any word, press the shortcut specified by you and the dictionary's window will pop up displaying the translations of the selected word. When done, you can select any translation and press again the shortcut returning back to document. Then press Ctrl-V (Paste) to insert the selected translation in your document.

The dictionary operates in three modes: with alphabetical index, without alphabetical index, and in tiny size in order to cover as little space on your desktop as possible.

The dictionary's windows can stay on top of any other window in order to be available any time you need it.

In order to bypass any display problem under different versions of Windows we added a very new feature: Users can specify the font of their choice which will be used in displaying words.

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