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■ Lexicographer: Th. Patargias, K. Sekeris, K. Sekeri-Patargia, L. Margaritis
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Medicine, Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Anosology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Zoology, Botanology, Biotechnology, Ecology

The dictionary of "Biological and Medical Terms", which is considered as the most succesful reference book on biomedical terminology, has been released in a new, revised edition.

It has been authored by the Athens University Professors, Th. Patargias, Κ. Sekeris, Κ. Sekeri-Patargia and L. Margaritis, and it is also available in electronic form (CD-ROM). The new edition has been enriched with over 2000 new terms and great effort has been taken in translating the new terms in accordance with the received and standardised versions which are current in the Greek scientific community.

The authors represent different but kindred fields, like Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and Phsycis. As a result of their experience, but more importantly their close co-operation with the Greek scientific community, they considered themselves able to trace the current terminology as well as propose new Greek equivalents for the hitherto untranslated English terms.

Quoting from the authors' introduction:

In our effort to compile this dictionary we have asked the feedback of many other colleagues, with great experience in teaching and research, with whom we had long discussions.

We tried to combine the grammatically correct with the right sound. In certain cases it has been impossible to avoid solecisms.

For a small numer of terms we had no other choice than retain the English term as it was. For example snurp which was translated as "σναρπ" (RNP-particles which contain snRNA); integrins which was translated with the word "ιντεγκρίνες" (adding the Greek inflexion); intron: ενσωματίνες, εσώνιο, ιντρόνιο, παρεμβαλλόμενη αλληλουχία.

Regarding the terms which have been added relatively recently in the Greek bibliography and have caused controversy amogst scholars, we have chosen to mention first the most appropriate, which is not necessarily the most popular, hoping that in time it will prevail. However, do mention the most popular rednering, ie, promoter: προαγωγέας, υποκινητής, παρακινητής.

We had similar, albeit smaller, problems with older and standardised terminology. The comparative lexicographical study indicated variations in the rendering of a considerable nymber of terms. We choose the ones which we considered more grammatically correct.


The dictionary uses Dictionaries Explorer, the new interface by Magenta which sets new standards in its league. Its features as described here also apply to this dictionary.

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