English-Greek Advanced Dictionary GOLDEN Edition

■ Pages: 838
■ Lexicographer: Panagiotis Tsampounaras

Παραγγελία τού βιβλίου «English-Greek Advanced Dictionary GOLDEN Edition»

The English-Greek dictionary, compiled by the lexicographer Panagiotis Tsampounaras, is a unique reference work of great usefulness. The lexicographer has carried out a 10 year long research in order to improve and enrich this dictionary.

Each entry has part of speech labels, senses are ordered according to the subject-field and there are
many examples of usage.

In the definition section of the entry you will find:

Phonetic transcription of the English words.
Part of speech labels (noun, edjective, verb, etc.).
General senses as well as senses relevant to specific sciences, professions, etc.
Idioms and their equivalents
Examples of usage with Greek translations
US and UK British usage (if applicable).

The compilation of the dictionary as far as the choice of entries and senses is concerned, was based on the varying needs of different groups of people, with different levels of English:


Here is an example of an entry:

volume [vOLium] ουσ. τυπ. τόμος: dictionary in three volumes λεξικό σε τρεις τόμους # φυσ. όγκος, κυβισμός: volume of a sphere όγκος σφαίρας # τεχνολ. ένταση (αναπαραγόμενου) ήχου: volume control διάταξη με την οποία επιτυγχάνεται η ρύθμιση έντασης ήχου # (στη γλωσσολογία:) δύναμη φωνής, μεγαλοφωνία # μτφ. (σημαντική) ποσότητα ή όγκος: volume index of imports δείκτης όγκου εισαγωγών § take volumes to.. χρειάζομαι τόμους ολόκληρους για..

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