English-Greek Advanced Dictionary ACADEMIC Edition

■ Entries: 52,000 ■ Words: 924,000 ■ Pages: 1,200
■ Idioms: 18,000 ■ Phrasal verbs: 5,000
■ Greek definitions: 108,000 ■ Example phrases/sentences: 157,000

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English-Greek Advanced Dictionary ACADEMIC Edition

An English-Greek dictionary ideal for any use, at the office, at home, for students and teachers alike. A state of the art edition combining the freshness and the new and credibility of decades of experience in lexicography.

This dictionary is indeed on its own league regarding competitive products, and here is why:

  • 924.000 words
  • 52.000 headwords and derivative words
  • 108.000 Greek translations
  • 157.000 examples of usage
  • 18.000 idioms
  • 5.000 phrasal verbs
  • 1.200 pages

The definition section is extremely rich including:

  • Phonetic transcription of English words.
  • Part of speech (noun, adjective, verb...).
  • Translations of general vocabulary as well as terminolgoy used in sciences, professions etc.
  • Idioms and Greek equivalents.
  • Examples of usage of each word and Greek translations.
  • US English / British English usage.

Here is an example of a typical, small topic:



Its small size (23.5x13.5 cm ), makes it easily portable to work or school. Thus, the student or the teacher can carry it around where it is mostly needed.



Apart from the book you also get the electronic version of the dictionary free of charge.


  • It is perfectly affordable , as it costs only 29.90.
  • Its content surpasses by far in its richness the content of similar dictionaries.
  • The number of headwords is greater than any other similar dictionary.
  • Each headword has a detailed description.
  • You also get its electronic version on CD - ROM for free!
  • It is conveniently sized and thus perfectly portable.


English-Greek Advanced Dictionary ACADEMIC Edition

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