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Font Manager
Organize your True Type fonts in groups and activate them at will saving space and improving performance.

It is inluded in
"TrueType and Type 1 Greek fonts".

The “Font Manager” is a new, unique, program which enables you to solve all the problems relating with the use and management of fonts in MS-Windows 3.1x & Windows 95.

Until know, in order to use fonts, you had to install them to your system through the Control Panel. The installed fonts in Windows are activated evry time you switch on your computer and remain active as long as it is in operation or you remove them.

This process entails a delay in Windows start-up and increased memory use.

Each document you create hardly ever uses all the available fonts. If, for example, you have 100 fonts and you use only 4 in a given document, then the remaining 96 are practically useless using up precious memory resources.

Moreover, it is extremely difficult to find the desired font in an endless list.

Of course, the above figures are examples. The same apply when your fonts are fewer.

Now, consider the possibility of activating only the fonts which are used. Thus, you would use exactly the memory resources that you need and when you had to select a font a list would be displayed for your convenience.

This is exactly what the “Font Manager” does.

With the Font Manager you can font groups which you can name at will and without any restrictions in the grouping criteria. You can place as many fonts as you like in any group.

For example you can crerate a group of fonts which you use in a spedific document or a group with calligraphic fonts, etc.

Once you have done this you can activate the fonts of one group or some of the fonts contained in a group. The same applies to deactivating the fonts - you can either deactivate group of fonts or some of the fonts that belong to a group.

All these procedures are performed through a simple window like the one you see here:

This program also offers a number of secondary functions which assist you in managing your fonts:

It displays the contents of any font in a table. Apart from displaying the characters you can type any character which cannot be produced through the keyboard and place it in the document of any other program.

It prints the contents of any font in three ways: 1) table format, 2) gradual increase of font size from line to line 3) or uses one of your texts with a give font size.

We believe that the "FONT MANAGER" will become your main assistant in your daily tasks.



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